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  • One of the more common coach sayings in all of football ball that no one play cost us the game. That usually comes after it seems quite the opposite is true, where one play actually made the difference between winning and losing. In some cases, it’s fairly obvious, like a short, missed field goal that would have moved the score from a loss to a win. In others, it’s a bit more connective, like a missed coverage on a deep pass from the other team or penalty that changed the complexion of the end. It’s really up to your perspective on the question of cause and effect.
  • shiffrin-ctsy-mike-dawson-usskiteam2023_Europe_Kronplatz_Race_Day.jpg
    Mike Dawson (@mikedawsy)
    U.S. Ski Team (@usskiteam)
    World Cup skier Mikaela Shiffrin is setting records this season. On Tuesday she won her 83rd giant slalom race, topping former teammate Lindsey Vonn to become the top female racer in World Cup history. A day later she won her 84th race during competition in Italy.
  • At this point, most of America has now heard of Damar Hamlin, the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety who prior to Monday night was fairly anonymous outside of truly passionate NFL fans. That’s because during the first quarter of the Bills’ Monday night game against Cincinnati, Hamlin collapsed on the field after a tackle and was given CPR by medical professionals after going into cardiac arrest.
  • Lucas Willard provides the WAMC Sports Report for Wednesday, January 4th, 2023.
  • If I’m really being honest about the last year in sport, I would have to put procuring tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming “Eras” tour at the top of the pile. From failed verified fan registration links to a complete meltdown by Ticketmaster that took you out of the virtual line just as you thought you were stepping up to the window, the rodeo to get those seats had as much drama, tension, corruption, and excitement as anything FIFA could ever hallucinate.
  • It would be difficult to put 2022 in sports in context, even though that can likely be said about any calendar year. It’s perhaps best assumed that this year marked some return to normal for the sports world, with full arenas and the end of protocols for fans and athletes.
  • Lucas Willard provides the sports news for Friday, December 23rd, 2022.
  • Sports commentator Keith Strudler weighs in on Charlie Baker's looming job change.
  • As the soccer haters climbed onto their “penalty kicks are stupid” soapboxes after the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup men’s final (and let’s be clear – that final was the greatest single sport anything to have ever occurred anywhere ever) something truly bizarre happened just hours later: the conclusion of the Patriots’ game, in which the Las Vegas Raiders kept their playoff hopes and dreams alive with just three seconds left on the clock because of, well, honestly, there is no real explanation for what happened, other than deeming it the most inexplicable play in any sport, ever.
  • In the US, you rarely hear the term famous soccer journalist. Sports journalist, yes. Football or basketball or baseball, sure. But soccer, not really, not in the US at least. The possible exception to that is the late Grant Wahl, the most well-known soccer journalist in America who has covered the sport since the mid-90’s and chronicled its American ascent, including the growing prominence of women’s soccer and the rise of the MLS.
  • Prime Time is in fact going prime time in college football. By that, we’re talking about current Jackson State head football coach and former NFL star Deion Sanders, who goes by the aforementioned nickname. After two highly successful years at Jackson State, an HBCU that plays in the second tier FCS football sub-division, Sanders has accepted the head coaching position at Colorado, a Power 5 school that once reigned near the peak of the national football rankings. But after years of losing and irrelevance, they are handing the reigns to Sanders, who prior to Jackson State had never coached college football. And if you tuned into Colorado’s press conference introducing their new savior, you know this won’t be more of the same.
  • Every several years in America, we hear a familiar narrative about soccer in the US. That its time has come and that soccer will finally become a, if not the dominant sport in America. Usually it comes around the World Cup, especially when the US performs well, which for the men means getting through the group stage. For the women, it’s winning. Sometimes it happens around a star player coming to the American pro league. And sometimes it’s when the world comes to the US, like it will in the 2026 World Cup. But you can largely set a clock by the storyline of soccer’s takeover stateside.