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Privacy Policy

WAMC acknowledges, appreciates, and respects the trust that donors have placed in the station. It is the policy of WAMC to protect the privacy of donors and to maintain the confidentiality of information – both hard copy and electronic – concerning donors and their contributions. Furthermore, the use of donor information for political or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

WAMC does not sell, rent, lease, loan, trade, give, donate, transfer, exchange, or trade member information. WAMC maintains active control of contributor and donor lists, and takes all appropriate measures to ensure against unauthorized use of such lists.

WAMC maintains databases of biographical and financial information about members, donors, and prospects in accordance with the general needs and expectations of WAMC. The information contained in these databases is intended exclusively for purposes related to WAMC programs and is highly protected. Databases may be used to contact members, donors, and prospects via mail, telephone, or email regarding membership, donations, events, or other information.

WAMC publicly acknowledges donors only with the donors’ permission. Donors who provide permission may have their names and comments read on- air during Fund Drives; other donors may be acknowledged on the station’s website.

For member acquisition beyond the existing databases, WAMC may elect to purchase or rent names from a third party provider of mailing lists. Under no circumstance shall WAMC rent or purchase names for acquisition purposes from any political party or religious group.

Members, donors, and prospects may “opt out” from any WAMC-initiated communications by contacting the Membership Office at 1-800-323-9262 or at mail@wamc.org.

This policy shall be formally communicated to, acknowledged by, and adhered to by appropriate WAMC staff, service agencies, list brokers, and direct response vendors.