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Keith Strudler

  • The quick and decisive story of Jon Gruden’s downfall is as remarkable in its unintended origin as its expedience. The now former NFL head coach was not the intended target of an ongoing investigation of abusive workday practices in the Washington Football Team’s operations. That was supposed to be Washington owner Dan Snyder and his senior leaders, including former team president Bruce Allen, a process that resulted in a $10 million fine and a whole lot of workplace sensitivity training. But the real loser in this exposition was Gruden when it was revealed that he had written a series of emails with misogynistic, homophobic, and racist content to Allen over the course of several years.
  • On a positive note for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they finally have something to distract fans from their awful 0-4 start to this football season, which, if you’re keeping score, marks 19 straight losses for the franchise.
  • When I was much, much younger. Like hang out after school on the playground younger, I used to collect football trading cards. I didn’t do it because I thought they would be worth anything, or because I was an aspiring collector.
  • In case you were wondering, the honeymoon period for New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is officially over. It ended a few minutes into the team’s second game of the season and first home contest last Sunday against the New England Patriots, somewhere after the first of Wilson’s four interceptions on the day.
  • If last weekend in college football had a title, it would be Reality Check. An alternative title would be, Time to Freshen Up that Resume. That’s because several teams received a cold dose of truth as they either underperformed or, as some might suggest, revealed their true self, and certainly the gap between where they are and where their fans assumed they might be.
  • As you may realize if you’ve been watching the US Open tennis tournament, individual matches can take a long time. Especially five-set matches on the men’s side, which can make a baseball game feel like blink of the eye.
  • Perhaps this is somewhat sports adjacent, but there’s one sport that I can almost guarantee China will fall behind the rest of the world. And that sport is competitive gaming, which, depending on your perspective, either is or absolutely is not part of the greater competitive sports complex.
  • Here’s the good news about the upcoming US Open Tennis Tournament, which, for the record, is one of the greatest sporting events on the planet, traffic and parking withstanding. And yes, I know I should take the train.
  • It is neither with particular joy nor sadness that I present an obituary to the professional football career of Tim Tebow.
  • Coaches at all levels, in most all sports, have a considerable amount of influence over their athletes. That’s obviously much of the criticism of abusive behaviors of some coaches, as the athletes are often limited in their perceived ability to resist.