Crew Of Norwegian-Owned Oil Tanker Arrives In Dubai After 'Hostile Attack'

Days after explosions blasted through two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, the crew of one of the vessels arrived Saturday in Dubai, according to The Associated Press . The workers' recollections of the Thursday explosion could potentially help back up or refute the U.S. claim that Iran is to blame. The nation's capital of Tehran denies the accusation. Though the cause of the explosions is not yet clear, Gulf countries are tightening their security measures on the Strait of Hormuz, and...

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Trump Blocked Congress From Seeing These Emails About The Census Unredacted

The Trump administration left behind a long paper trail as it pushed to get a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Many of those internal emails and memos became public as part of the lawsuits over the addition of the question, " Is this person a citizen of the United States? " They revealed that the Justice Department did not initiate the request for the question to better enforce the Voting Rights Act, as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — who oversees the Census Bureau — testified to...

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Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg says the company should have been more transparent with regulators and the public when Boeing discovered a safety light was not operating as designed.

Muilenburg made the comments to reporters ahead of the Paris Air Show, Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe told NPR.

"We clearly fell short in the implementation of the AOA disagree alert and we clearly should have communicated better with our regulators and the airlines," Johndroe said in an interview by phone from Paris.

Greg Pollak
WNYT / Facebook

David Nightingale: United Nations

3 hours ago
Flag of the United Nations
Public Domain / Open Clip Art Library/Wikimedia Commons

It’s sometimes said that the United Nations absorbs a lot of money, which it often wastes, is ineffective, and fails to prevent wars.  Let’s look at this.

Mankind’s urge to eliminate war can be traced very far back.

The mayor of Phoenix is apologizing to the city following recently released video showing police officers pointing their guns and threatening to shoot a 22-year-old father who was with his pregnant fiancée and two young daughters.

Argentina and Uruguay woke up in darkness Sunday after an unprecedented power failure cascaded across their shared electrical grid, affecting millions of people.

The Edesur electric utility tweeted that "a massive failure" left Argentina and Uruguay without power. The BBC reported that parts of Paraguay were also affected.

Hong Kong's top official Carrie Lam issued a rare apology Sunday for her management of an extradition bill, but stopped short of withdrawing the proposal as protests coursed through the city.

A government spokesman said Lam's handling of the bill had caused "substantial controversies and disputes in society, causing disappointment and grief."

eutrophication&hypoxia, flickr

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and 19th District Congressman Antonio Delgado have introduced legislation to help communities repair their aging water infrastructure.

This week on Strange Universe Astronomer Bob Berman talks about Mercury's best 2019 appartition. 

A man was seriously injured after a parasailing incident on Lake George.

"La Cocina" means "the kitchen" in Spanish. It's also the name of a business incubator based in San Francisco's Mission District. Since it began in 2005, it's been helping local food entrepreneurs, many of whom are low-income immigrant women, develop their small businesses.


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