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Any Questions #622: “New Year’s ‘Res’olutions”

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase LEFTOVER THINGS. Change one letter to an N and you can rearrange the result to spell a number and the name of something that is made up of a multiple of that number of things. What are the words?
Answer: If you change the L to an N, you can spell SEVEN and FORTNIGHT.

THIS WEEK'S CATEGORY: “New Year’s ‘Res’olutions”
On-air questions: This is our first show of 2024 and five days into the new year, many people have yet to abandon their resolutions. Stick with it! In honor of the new year, today’s answers all contain the letters R-E-S in order.

1. What massive hit recorded in 1981 that refers to “days it never rains but just pours” has been covered by duos ranging from Ben Harper and Eddie Vedder to Karen O and Willie Nelson?
2. One of just three world capitals that fits tonight’s category, what city is home to the Casa Rosada, the Pink House, where a key movie scene featuring Madonna was controversially filmed on location in 1996?
3. After a six-season run that began on NBC in 1990, what sitcom was given a gritty reboot in 2022 that featured some of the same characters, including Adrian Holmes as Philip Banks and Jordan Jones as Jazz?
4. Not since her portrayal of a one-time bridal shop attendant from Queens who winds up caring for a Broadway producer's three children in the 1990s sitcom had she seen so much screen time.” That’s how Reuters described the 2023 by which current president of SAG-AFTRA?
5. Set in both Troy and in the camp of Greek warriors right next door, what somewhat obscure Shakespeare play was revived by the Public Theater in 2016 with Andrew Burnap and Ismenia Mendes in the title roles? 

Extra credit
1. Of the surviving works if Aeschylus, what is the only one — actually a trilogy — that fits the category?
2. Albany, N.Y., Waterloo, Iowa, Stillwater, Okla., and Charlotte, N.C. are all home to Hall of Fames for what? 

This week's challenge
Start with the Latin term “in media res.” Rearrange the letters and you can spell two words closely associated with thoroughbred horses. What are they?

On-air questions
1. “Under Pressure” (By Queen and David Bowie)
2. Buenos Aires (the other capitals are Bucharest and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea)
3. “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (“Bel-Air” features Tatyana Ali as a teacher after she played Ashley Banks in the original sitcom)
4. Fran Drescher (Drescher led the Hollywood actors’ strike and said of a possible “Nanny” reboot, “ I never say never to anything. The show that I did is as popular today as it was 30 years ago. The fashion, the comedy, the look. So, it’s still very much alive and well.”)
5. “Troilus and Cressida”
Extra credit
1. The Oresteia
2. Professional Wrestling