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Any Questions #619: "About last night"

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase DECIMAL POINT. Change one letter to a U and you can spell a word that describes a tactless and insensitive person. What is the word?
Answer: If you change the E to a U, you can spell undiplomatic.

THIS WEEK'S CATEGORY: “Pop culture about last night”
On-air questions: Well Mike, last night we held our first live Any Questions trivia night at The Linda in Albany. We’re so thankful for everyone who came out and played. We’ll have to do it again sometime. In honor of our live debut, today’s show is called “About Last Night.” All the correct answers will include the words “last” or “night.”
1. Sharing its name with Etta James’ first studio album, what song, the album’s third single, was originally written for the 1941 musical “Sun Valley Serenade”?
2. Shared by a film, a stage musical and a soundtrack album featuring a number of Bee Gees classics, what title is taken from a 1976 magazine article whose protagonist is said to own “14 floral shirts, five suits, eight pairs of shoes and three overcoats?”
3. Following “Total Recall” and “Kindergarten Cop” in 1990 and before “True Lies” in 1994, what 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger film was directed by Albany native John McTiernan?
4. What is the name of the first of six films in an initial series whose other titles start with the initial words Dawn, Day, Land, Diary and Survival?
5. What 1992 Michael Mann film is the second film adaption of an 1826 novel set in 1757 during the French and Indian War?
Extra credit
1. Two novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one the final novel he completed and the other a posthumous release, fit today’s category. What are they? 

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase ONE MORE NIGHT. Rearrange the letters and you can spell a European country and a U.S. state postal abbreviation. What are the words?

On-air questions
1. “At Last” (the film “Sun Valley Serenade starts Sonja Henie, Milton Berle, and John Payne)
2. “Saturday Night Fever”
3. “Last Action Hero” (McTiernan is also the director of “Die Hard”)
4. “Night Of The Living Dead” (Those are the George Romero zombie films)
5. “Last Of The Mohicans”
Extra credit
1. “Tender Is The Night” “The Last Tycoon”