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holocaust survivors

  • The novel, "The Missing Star," is based on the life of Vladimir Munk and Kitty Löwi. The book chronicles Vladimir and Kitty’s lives as children growing up under German occupation, and their deportation to the Terezin ghetto, where they met and fell in love. Julie Canepa is the author of the novel and co-author of documentary "Return to Auschwitz: The Survival of Vladimir Munk."
  • On August 11 and 12, the Tanglewood Learning Institute in collaboration with the Terezín Music Foundation, will offer two “Defiant Music” programs presented by Mark Ludwig.
  • Tova Friedman was one of the youngest people to emerge from Auschwitz. After surviving the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Central Poland where she lived as a toddler, Tova was four when she and her parents were sent to a Nazi labor camp, and almost six when she and her mother were forced into a packed cattle truck and sent to Auschwitz II, also known as the Birkenau extermination camp, while her father was transported to Dachau. In "The Daughter of Auschwitz," Tova immortalizes what she saw, to keep the story of the Holocaust alive, at a time when it's in danger of fading from memory.
  • We Remember: Songs of Survivors is a one-hour special celebrating the lives of Holocaust survivors through storytelling and music. The PBS documentary will premiere the week of Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Tuesday, April 26, at 8:00 PM on PBS.We Remember: Songs of Survivors follows four talented singer- songwriters in New York’s Hudson Valley tasked with creating original songs about the experiences of local Holocaust survivors. We’ll get a preview.The film documents the relationships that develop and the songwriting process over many months, culminating in an emotional live concert where the survivors and songwriters are celebrated by friends, family and the community. We welcome the film’s Co-Producers Tim Miller and Ilene Cutler, along with Film subject and Holocaust survivor Tibor Spitz, and singer/songwriter Elizabeth Clark.
  • In 1986, when her mother died at the age of sixty-four, Eleanor Reissa went through all of her belongings. In the back of her mother’s lingerie drawer, she found an old leather purse. Inside that purse was a large wad of folded papers. They were letters. Fifty-six of them. In German. Written in 1949. Letters from her father to her mother, when they were courting. Just four years earlier, he had fought to stay alive in Auschwitz and on the Death March -- while she had spent the war years suffering in Uzbekistan. Thirty years later, Eleanor finally had the letters translated. The particulars of those letters sent her off on an unimaginable adventure into the past.
  • “Return To Auschwitz” is the story of one man’s survival of the Nazi death camp. The documentary details the experiences of retired SUNY Plattsburgh professor Vladimir Munk as he returned to the concentration camp in early 2020. WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley sat down with the filmmakers and Munk – now 96 years old.
  • Alice Hoffman’s latest book is a bittersweet parable about the costs of survival and the behaviors that define humanity. “The World That We Knew” is set…
  • What if you had the chance to listen to living Holocaust survivors?SageArts local songwriters and creative arts facilitators met with local survivors and…
  • On Friday, the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires is hosting a talk with journalist and author Joseph Berger about the experiences of Holocaust survivors…