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In America, women make up more than half the population. Worldwide, women are expected to outnumber men within the next fifty years - and every issue we face is one that affects us all. 

Whether it's the environment, health, our children, politics or the arts, there's a women's perspective, and 51% is a show dedicated to that viewpoint. 

We speak with experts in their field for a wide-ranging, entertaining discussion of issuesthat not only fall into the traditional “women’s issues” category, but topics that concern all human beings and citizens of the global community. 51% highlights a wide range of women from Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go’s, author and historian Amy Teitel on spaceflight and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her history and decision to enter law school.

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Bri Phillips showing WAMC's Jackie Orchard supplies in the back of the Street Outreach van.
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, we begin a two-part series on human trafficking and unhoused youth. I ride along with a street outreach coordinator for a youth shelter. And we’ll meet a woman who has walked the Underground Railroad to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Albany County Film Commissioner Deb Goedeke (left) and HBO Line Producer Holly Rymon (right)
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, we speak with one of the people responsible for bringing Hollywood to upstate New York. And we meet a producer of HBO’s new series “The Gilded Age,” which was filming this spring in New York’s Capital Region.

Design by Shianne Dierkes & Ashleigh Lindsay / WAMC

On today’s 51%, we bring you part two of our series on rape and sexual abuse. Last week we visited the Crime Victim Services Unit of a hospital to learn about what’s involved in a forensic rape exam. And a counselor told us what recovery looks like after an abuse. This week we speak to that counselor’s client about her healing journey.

Grace Coons, supervisor of the forensic examiner program in the Crime Victim Services Unit at St. Peter’s Health Partners.
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, we bring you the first part of a two-part series on rape and sexual abuse. I visit the crime victim services unit of a hospital to learn about what’s involved in a forensic rape exam. And a counselor tells us what recovery looks like after an abuse.

17-year-old Madison Mackey (left) and 18-year-old Brigid Mack (right)
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, we learn how some high school girl scouts have been helping their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we’ll learn how the Girl Scouts are trying to diversify.

Jackie Orchard walked at graduation May 2021, receiving her bachelor's in journalism from UAlbany.
Matthew Burton

On today’s 51%, for graduation season, we celebrate non-traditional students who returned for their degree later in life. And we’ll hear a first-hand experience of walking across the graduation stage: mine.

Fallan Jacobs (left) and Wakerakatste AKA "Mama Bear."
Jackie Orchard

On today’s 51%, we visit the Akwesasne Nation near the U.S. – Canada border to learn about indigenous women leaders.

Film archivist Audrey Kupferberg says a black line can be seen at the edge of film, this is the audio.
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, we explore the world of film with archivist Audrey Kupferberg.

Melissa Bromley is the Development Director at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. She gave Jackie Orchard a tour of Collard City Garden in Troy, New York in May 2021.
Jackie Orchard

On today’s 51%, we explore the role of community gardens in urban areas. And we’ll meet some of the scientists who are purifying the soils the gardens grow in.

On today’s 51%, we speak with Miss New York USA about how beauty pageants can lift up young women. And we’ll hear from Miss Wisconsin Earth about how she’s representing plus size women on the stage in a time of changing attitudes about pageants.

31-year-old Sheriff Deputy Nikki Voegler and her K-9 Neeka.
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, I ride along on-shift with a County Sheriff’s Deputy and her K-9. And we’ll speak with a female FBI agent who tells us what not to believe on TV.



A Sheriff k-9 is tracking me.

Specifically, a 2-year-old German shepherd named Neeka who, although allowing me to throw her toy over and over, could rip me apart in seconds.

Joann Hopkins, a registered nurse in the in-patient psychiatric unit at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, setting up a tea party for her patients.
Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, I visit a psychiatric ward in Cleveland to learn how one nurse reaches her patients with tea parties. And we’ll hear from one physician assistant who is trying to educate other healthcare professionals about racial and gender equity.

Attorney Gloria Allred showing a photo of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo kissing Sherry Vill without her permission.
Screenshot of press conference by Jackie Orchard / WAMC

On today’s 51%, I speak with long-time women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred about the allegations of sexual misconduct against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and pick her brain about what it means to be a feminist. And we’ll hear from New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi about her own experiences with the governor.

51% #1657: Searching For A Sign

Apr 22, 2021

On this week’s 51%, sexual assault and harassment in the military affect retention, and a woman studying the behavioral ecology and demography of Asian elephants. 

William Morrow

This week on 51%, we hear the untold story of women resistance fighters in Hitler's ghettos.  We also speak with an author about life in Iraq under Saddam Hussein's regime.

Book cover of  “A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession Shaped You—and Me”
Courtesy of Leslie Lehr/Pegasus Books

On this week’s 51%, A Marine Corps Boot Camp in California opens to women; a writer discusses what she calls America’s obsession, breasts and women make some progress among Oscar nominees.

51% #1654: The Blues And Greens Of Lizz Wright

Apr 13, 2021
Lizz Wright
Courtesy of Lizz Wright

On this week’s 51%, singer and culinary artist Lizz Wright talks about a range of topics, including what it means to sing joyfully.

Ma'am Ester with yellow tomatoes
Courtesy of Global Seed Savers

On this week’s 51%, the Army is working on fixing its broken sexual assault prevention program, a Peace Corps experience prompted a woman to help communities save seeds; and a performance artist gets personal.

CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Brenda Episcopo
Courtesy of the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

On this week’s 51%, a regional Girl Scouts continues its mission despite the pandemic, hear about the economic well-being of women in Vermont, and Dr. Jeri Burns talks about etiquette for a Zoom wedding.

51% #1651: The Story Of Baseball's Leading Lady

Mar 17, 2021
Andrea Williams
Courtesy of Andrea Williams

On this week’s 51%, the author of a book about baseball’s leading lady hopes girls read the story and find out why storyteller Jeri Burns is talking turkey long after Thanksgiving.

Global CEO of Women for Women International Laurie Adams
Courtesy of Women for Women International

On this week’s 51%, we hear from the CEO of an organization that supports women survivors of conflict in a number of countries and the Boston Symphony Orchestra will have its first woman CEO.

Melissa Bernstein on "Lifelines"
Courtesy of Melissa Bernstein/Lifelines, LLC

On this week’s 51%, the female part of toy company Melissa & Doug has written a book about her journey from darkness to light, telling others they’re not alone.

"Run to Win" book cover
Courtesy of Dutton - Penguins Books USA

On this week’s 51%, she’s president of EMILY’s list, and helps Democratic women get elected. She says interest among these candidates, especially Black and Brown women, is keen (tease three) Hear from Stephanie Schriock about running to win.

51% #1647: Girlhood, Globally

Feb 17, 2021
"Girlhood: Teens Around the World in Their Own Voices" book jacket
Courtesy of Workman

On this week’s 51%, hear from the author of a book highlighting stories of ordinary girls around the world, and then an animated film features a girl superhero to help children relate to COVID times.

Former Manhattanville College President Elizabeth McCormack
Courtesy of Manhattanville College

On this week’s 51%, hear about the life of a former college president. She changed many things about Manhattanville, a liberal arts college in the suburbs of New York City.

Laura Levitt
Courtesy of Laura Levitt

On this week’s 51%, we spend the show with gender and religion scholar Laura Levitt. You’ll hear her story of rape, and while not graphic, please be forewarned. She hopes more federal attention is paid to unprocessed rape kits.

51% #1644: Women And Girls Of Color In Music And Dance

Jan 27, 2021
Singer Songwriter Annie Mack
Courtesy of Shelly Mossman

On this week’s 51%, a musician talks about what she calls her new feminine EP. Teenage girls of color in ballet say this form of dance caters to white women. A mother speaks out about her missing son in the Army while another woman offers support for families of missing service members. Plus, Dr. Jeri Burns talks about the home life during COVID.

51% #1643: How Women Are Reshaping Congress

Jan 20, 2021
"The Firsts: The Inside Story of the Women Reshaping Congress" paperbook cover
Courtesy of Jennifer Steinhauer

On this week’s 51%, hear from a longtime Capitol Hill reporter on women reshaping Congress. She followed them in 2019.

Elizabeth Lesser
Courtesy of Elizabeth Lesser

On this week’s 51%, would the story change if told by women? We spend time with best-selling author Elizabeth Lesser. Then we travel to meet an “Extreme Cowboy” as it’s called, though she’s a woman.

Margaret Randall
Courtesy of Pascual Borzelli

On this week’s 51%, we spend time with feminist poet and activist Margaret Randall, she has advice for activists today and a Native American poet says working on her latest volume brought some pain to the surface.