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"Black Women Taught Us" by Jenn M. Jackson

Book cover for "Black Women Taught Us" by Jenn M. Jackson, PhD
Random House

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD, is an award-winning professor of political science at Syracuse University and a columnist for Teen Vogue. A queer genderflux androgynous Black woman, Jackson primary research is in Black Politics with a focus on Black Feminism, racial trauma and threat, gender and sexuality, and social movements.

Their first book, "Black Women Taught Us: An Intimate History of Black Feminism," explore the legacy of Black women writers and leaders and endeavors to illuminate Black women’s longtime movement organizing, theorizing, and coalition building in the name of racial, gender, and sexual justice in the United States and abroad.

The essays in “Black Women Taught Us” show how Black women have been at the center of modern liberation movements despite the erasure and misrecognition of their efforts.

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