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11/3/22 RT Panel


The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond. Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock, Publisher Emeritus of The Daily Freeman Ira Fusfeld, corporate attorney with Phillips Lytle LLP Rich Honen, and Vice President for Editorial Development at the New York Press Association Judy Patrick.

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Joe talks to people on the radio for a living. In addition to countless impressive human "gets" - he has talked to a lot of Muppets. Joe grew up in Philadelphia, has been on the area airwaves for more than 25 years and currently lives in Washington County, NY with his wife, Kelly, and their dog, Brady. And yes, he reads every single book.
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  • John A. Farrell’s new biography of Edward Kennedy is the first single-volume exploration into the life of the Lion of the Senate since his death. Farrell’s long acquaintance with the Kennedy universe helped garner him access to a remarkable range of new sources, including segments of Kennedy’s personal diary and his private confessions to members of his family in the days that followed the accident on Chappaquiddick. The book is "Ted Kennedy: A Life."
  • In his acclaimed #1 bestseller "Dark Towers," David Enrich presented the never-before-told saga of how Deutsche Bank became the global face of financial recklessness and criminality. Now in "Servants of the Damned, " Enrich turns his eye towards the world of “Big Law” and the nearly unchecked influence these firms wield to shield the wealthy and powerful—and bury their secrets.
  • Andy Borowitz is back with his first book in ten-years, "Profiles in Ignorance: How America’s Politicians Got Dumb and Dumber" - which examines the intellectual deterioration of American politics, from Ronald Reagan to Dan Quayle, from George W. Bush to Sarah Palin, to its apotheosis in Donald J. Trump.
  • It's a comfort food at or near the top of almost everyone's list. Macaroni and cheese! Today we talk about - and taste - this American favorite with Deanna Fox and Shaleena Bridgham. Call and share your favorite recipe. 800-348-2551. Ray Graf hosts.
  • The first two novels in the Thursday Murder Club series - "The Thursday Murder Club" and "The Man Who Died Twice" - quickly vaulted Richard Osman into the upper echelons of crime writers. "The Bullet That Missed," the third novel in the series, sees the crime-fighting quartet of the Coopers Chase Retirement Village take on an ex-KGB colonel, several TV icons, a murderous money launderer known only as The Viking, and more as they rush to catch Kent’s latest killer.