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Any Questions: #542 "Rhymes With Tax"

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Last week's challenge
Think of a pitcher in the American League East. His last name is a word for a place pitchers spend a lot of time. Who is it?
Answer: Rich HILL.

On-air questions: This year, income taxes in the U.S. are due for most residents on Monday, April 18. Usually they are due today, April 15, but the deadline is pushed ahead to next week because Emancipation Day, a local holiday in the District of Columbia, was observed today. If you happen to live in either Maine or Massachusetts, you have until Tuesday the 19th to file because the 18th is Patriots Day in those two states. Tonight, we'll file our taxes, sort of. Each correct answer will be a two-word name, title, or phrase in which the second word rhymes with "tax."

1. What subscription service launched in the U.S. in May of 2020 and currently produces original programs including the miniseries Station Eleven and the comedy-drama Hacks?
2. The first three-time Cy Young Award winner, the first person to pitch four no-hitters, the eighth person to pitch a perfect game, and the youngest person elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame at the time of his induction are all descriptions of which Brooklyn Dodgers left-hander?
3. Based on a 1960s trading card series, what 1996 Tim Burton-directed film stars Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close as the president and first lady during an alien invasion?
4. Who was vice president during the first term of Ulysses S. Grant, an office he held immediately after serving as the speaker of the House of Representatives, making him one of only two people (the other being John Nance Garner) to hold both of those positions?
5. What fictional food, later produced as a cookie by Keebler and as a pet treat by the makers of Snausages, was often used by Fred, Daphne, or Velma as incentive to convince the other two members of their group to do something scary or dangerous?

Extra credit
1. Although he is more commonly associated with another instrument, what Belgian musician and inventor's first patent was for an improvement on the design of the bass clarinet?
2. What athletic teams' mascots include a live Russian boar named Tusk; three costumed mascots named Big Red, Sue E., and Pork Chop; and an inflatable mascot named Boss Hog?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase INCOME TAXES. Rearrange the letters to spell a seven-letter word that describes an estimate and a four-letter word that is an estimate of sorts. What are the words?

On-air questions
1. HBO Max
2. Sandy Koufax
3. Mars Attacks!
4. Schuyler Colfax
5. Scooby Snacks

Extra credit
1. Adolphe Sax
2. Arkansas Razorbacks

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  • In honor of Coach K, all of our answers begin with the letter K.
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