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Any Questions #536: "Figure out the theme"

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Last week's challenge Start with the name of the Spin Doctors' song TWO PRINCES. Drop one letter and you can rearrange the result to spell a five-letter word for a category of beverages and a four-letter word for a specific type of beverage in that category. What are the words?

Answer: WINES, PORT, drop the C.

On-air questions: This week’s show is a little different than usual. We’ll just jump into the questions and this week’s challenge will be figuring out the theme.

1. With a promotional tagline “Opening Wide,” what 2018 film features Jason Statham as a deep sea diver who eventually crosses paths with a 75-foot shark?
2. What one-word 2015 documentary that won the Academy Award has a soundtrack that includes “We’re Still Friends,” “Rehab,” “Back to Black” and 20 other songs?
3. “I can’t imagine anyone whom I’m less like” and “I had a transistor radio plugged into my ears and I had a cigarette going and I had a little bottle of something in the saddle bag. I was quite comfy” are memories of Peter O’Toole about portraying which character?
4. Named for a longtime New York state Senate Leader from Rensselaer County, what’s the familiar sobriquet for the home of the Tri-City ValleyCats, a 4,500-seat ballpark that opened 20 years ago next month?
5. Meaning “house” in Hebrew, what word is often found before El, Zion, Shalom and Emeth in names of synagogues?

This week's challenge

What is the theme of tonight’s show?

1. “The Meg”
2. “Amy”
3. Lawrence (of Arabia)
4. The Joe
5. Beth

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