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Any Questions #541: "Baseball stats"

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This week's challenge

What five-letter word is clued by the additional clue in each list?

Answer: Extra


On-air questions: OK, Mike. After labor unrest and lots of hand-wringing, a slightly delayed but full 162-game baseball season kicked off yesterday. As always, 30 teams are kicking off the year with hopes of a World Series parade. Some are more likely than others to get there. In honor of the baseball season, each answer today is an abbreviated baseball stat in other words.

1. A “special” breakfast, a Kafkaesque surname, Potassium
2. A place to file a complaint, 60 minutes, say, Swiss artist Giger
3. Crimea, Boer, Mexican-American
4. First introduced in Congress in 1923, a deadline to ratify it passed in 1982, although today it has the support of 38 states
5. A late guitar king, a projectile often .18 inches in diameter, a stock symbol for a formerly ubiquitous cell phone

Extra credit

1. British writer Lewis, a timely element
2. What the Mantoux skin test shows, with 12, “how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance”

This week's challenge

Think of a pitcher in the American League East. His last name is a word for a place pitchers spend a lot of time. Who is it?


On-air questions
1. K (a strikeout)
2. HR (homers, Salvador Perez of the Royals and Vlad Guerrero Jr. of the Blue Jays led the league with 48 apiece last year)
3. WAR (wins above replacement level; no surprise that offensive juggernaut and ace pitcher Shohei Ohtani led the majors last year in this category with 9)
4. ERA (The Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution)
5. BB (base on balls)

Extra credit
1. CS (caught stealing)
2. TB (total bases)

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  • In honor of Coach K, all of our answers begin with the letter K.
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