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Any Questions #540: Crossword Clues No. 5

Last week's challenge
Start with the name of the writer OSCAR WILDE. Rearrange the letters to spell a five-letter word for part of a theater and a five-letter word for what a performer would be happy to see in a theater. What are the words?
Answer: The words are AISLE and CROWD.

On-air questions: This weekend is the 44th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, directed by New York Times crossword editor (and onetime Any Questions? guest) Will Shortz. After being cancelled in 2020 and going online in 2021, the tournament is back in person in Stamford, Connecticut this year. A virtual tournament will run concurrently with the in-person competition. To commemorate the ACPT, I'll give you a series of clues that have appeared in the New York Times crossword puzzle and you tell me what word they all clued. As a hint, each answer this time will be a 6-letter word beginning with R, as in RETURN. However, since this is April Fools' Day, there's a small twist: one clue in each list will be for a different word than the rest.

1. Way off / Out-of-studio broadcast / Like a 10th or 11th inning, in baseball / Channel surfer's need
2. Guinness entry / It's covered by a sleeve / More than enough / 3 minutes 43 seconds for running a mile, e.g.
3. Member of a crowd scene / Like old-fashioned phones / Community service club / Roundabout
4. Elevates / Newsboy's shout of old / Subject of negotiations / More than calls
5. Fraudulent contestant / Horseshoes score / Not included / A dead one looks like something else

Extra credit

1. Suitcase convenience / Hair salon item / College degree unit / Painting convenience
2. Serving need / Clamor / Criminal activity / Cash alternative

This week's challenge
What five-letter word is clued by the additional clue in each list?

On-air questions

1. Remote
2. Record
3. Rotary
4. Raises
5. Ringer

Extra credit

1. Roller
2. Racket

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