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#539: "Famous Oscars"

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Last week's challenge

Start with the term WEST POINT, where Coach K’s basketball career began. Rearrange the letters and you can spell a different two-word phrase you might see in a pantry. What are the words?



On-air questions: On Sunday, the 94th Academy Awards – commonly known as the Oscars – will be handed out. The ceremony will take place, as it has since 2002, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and will be co-hosted by Regina King, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes, marking the first time since 2011 where there will be multiple hosts. We'll hand out our own Oscars on tonight's show by having some questions about famous Oscars.

1. About which lyricist was Stephen Sondheim talking in a 2005 interview when he said, "People underestimate what he did in the way of musical theater. He was primarily an experimental writer, and what he was doing was marrying the traditions of opera and American musical comedy, using songs to tell a story that was worth telling."?
2. Served for the first time in the late 19th century and reportedly named for the then-current king of Sweden, Veal Oscar consists of a veal cutlet topped with crab or lobster, white asparagus spears and what sauce, also commonly found on Eggs Benedict?
3. For what role did Walter Matthau win a 1965 Tony Award, a role he later reprised in the 1968 film based on the play, and which was also portrayed in the 1970s by Jack Klugman, who had taken over the role for Matthau during the play's original run?
4. The first novel written by a U.S.-born Hispanic author to win the Pulitzer Prize was a 1989 book by Oscar Hijuelos, later adapted into a 1992 film starring Antonio Banderas and Armand Assante about a band who are the "kings" of what style of music?
5. In Brazil he was known as Gugu. In Mexico he's called Pancho Contreras. In Germany he was known as Rumpel, and in Israel he was called Moishe Oofnik. By what name do we know him in the U.S.?

Extra credit

1. What brand was once advertised with what is arguably the most famous jingle containing the word "bologna"?
2. What city has plans to create a public square named after legendary jazz pianist Oscar Peterson that will be located near the campus of McGill University?

This week's challenge

Start with the name of the writer OSCAR WILDE. Rearrange the letters to spell a five-letter word for part of a theater and a five-letter word for what a performer would be happy to see in a theater. What are the words?


On-air questions
1. Oscar Hammerstein
2. Hollandaise
3. Oscar Madison
4. Mambo
5. Oscar the Grouch

Extra credit

1. Oscar Mayer
2. Montreal

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