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Esty: Congress Seeking More Information On White House Strategy For Islamic State


In a primetime address earlier this week, President Barack Obama outlined a strategy to defeat the terrorist group Islamic State currently in control of areas in Iraq and Syria. Members of Congress are still trying to figure out exactly what that plan includes.In the televised address, President Obama said the White House strategy would expand ongoing airstrikes into neighboring war-torn Syria, arm moderate Syrian rebels and send 475 U.S. military advisors to Iraq. Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, a Democrat, says members of Congress have been reviewing President Obama’s plans during extensive meetings.

“A strong bipartisan desire by the members of Congress to get more information,” Esty said Friday. “As we determine what we believe should be asked for in terms of Congressional authority and approval.”

Esty says she believes President Obama has the authority to order limited, short-term efforts in Syria and Iraq, but wants more information about arming Syrian rebels.

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