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Connecticut's Esty Calls On Republican Opponent To Apologize For Email

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty
Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty

A Connecticut Congresswoman is calling on her Republican opponent to apologize for including the beheading of an American journalist in an email to supporters.

In a conference call with reporters Friday, Democratic Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty of the 5th district says the email from Republican Mark Greenberg’s campaign is unacceptable. Greenberg’s email says Esty’s lack of leadership in forming an American strategy to combat terrorism in the Middle East has brought grief to the town of Washington, where murdered journalist Steven Sotloff attended school.

“To exploit that in a way to raise campaign funds, I think does need to be called out,” said Esty.

Greenberg’s campaign says the donate button at the bottom of that message is standard on all campaign emails. His campaign website says Esty has been silent on critical national security and veteran’s issues, but is willing to comment on his campaign.

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