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Paid Family Leave

Photo of Vermont Statehouse in winter
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The Vermont House has failed to override Governor Phil Scott’s veto of a paid family and medical leave bill by one vote.

Vermont House chamber
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The Democratic-led Vermont House has failed to override a veto by Republican Gov. Phil Scott of a bill that would have established a paid family leave system in the state.

Voices for Vermont’s Children, a group that has been advocating for the state to pass and implement a paid family leave bill, announced on Monday it will not support the bill currently in the legislature.

The Massachusetts State House
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         Gov. Charlie Baker has signed a bill to delay the start of a payroll tax to fund paid family and medical leave benefits for all Massachusetts workers.

Vermont Statehouse  (file photo)
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Last week, the Vermont Senate adjourned and with that, the legislature ended the session until January.  The first half of the biennium was marked by a number of controversial bills but ended with two key pieces of legislation left unfinished.

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Vermont's House of Representatives has approved legislation that would create statewide paid medical and family leave.

skyline of downtown Springfield, Massachusetts
City of Springfield

Massachusetts is going to have a new state agency to administer a new benefits program. A pitch has been made to locate the new bureaucracy’s headquarters in western Massachusetts.

Governor Phil Scott (left) and Governor Chris Sununu unveil the Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan
Office of Vermont Governor Phil Scott

The Republican governors of Vermont and New Hampshire announced a bi-state plan to create a voluntary paid family and medical leave program on Wednesday. The neighboring leaders say the plan addresses costs and a lack of potential participants in the individual states. But many who have advocated for paid family leave in both states are not impressed with the plan.

Governor Phil Scott (left) and Governor Chris Sununu unveil the Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan
Office of Vermont Governor Phil Scott

The Republican governors of New Hampshire and Vermont have announced a plan for a two-state paid family and medical leave program.

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    Each year new laws take effect and some can have an impact on personal finances. There are several such laws in Massachusetts in 2019. 

       Dozens of business leaders from western Massachusetts will be at the Statehouse in Boston Wednesday for meetings with legislative leaders and representatives of the Baker administration.


A bill to provide paid sick days for employees in Albany County is scheduled to be introduced at tonight’s County Legislature meeting.

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Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today announced the reintroduction of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act. The Democrats say the legislation would create a universal, gender-neutral paid family and medical leave program. 

Photo of Vermont Statehouse in winter
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Vermont Governor Phil Scott has vowed to veto a bill recently proposed by legislators in the state House of Representatives that would establish a state-run paid family leave program.

Courtesy of the Office of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Rockland County today, rallying support for paid family leave, a proposal he unveiled in his combined State of the State/budget address. Cuomo told a roomful of supporters in West Haverstraw waving “Strong Families Strong New York” banners that his proposal would benefit especially women, minorities and low-income workers as well as strengthen families, the workforce and economy.

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The state’s leading business group is warning that Governor Cuomo’s paid family leave proposal will be costly for employers and difficult for them to manage.

State Assembly Approves Paid Family Leave
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The State Assembly approved a one house bill to establish partial paid family leave in New York, as Governor Cuomo signaled he will amend his proposal to provide more money to those who take the leave.

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  Governor Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden headlined a pep rally to pass paid family leave in New York, but some question whether the governor’s plan is enough.

Women's rights activist Gloria Steinem, actor Cynthia Nixon, supermodel Christy Turlington Burns and more than 150 other female leaders from the arts, politics and business are urging passage of paid family leave in New York.

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Supporters of paid family leave in New York say they hope 2016 will be their year, but business groups are urging caution.

A measure to allow all workers in the state 12 weeks of paid leave to take care of a new baby or sick family member was approved in the State Assembly, and two measures gained support in the State Senate, but the issue fell by the wayside in the end of session rush to pass bills and adjourn for the summer.

The Senate sponsor of a two-house bill, Joseph Addabbo of Queens, says he thinks it’s not a question of if the measure will pass, but when.

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Saying the U.S. is the only industrialized nation without it, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was in Troy today as a part of a statewide tour to promote federal legislation that would establish national paid leave.

Family leave for New Yorkers, and possibly all American workers, is getting closer to becoming a reality. The idea is being embraced by state legislators and by one of New York's representatives in Congress.