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Albany, NY – A former U.S. Army general says as time goes on the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq will become more difficult. WAMC's Brian Shields spoke with Dr. David Arney, an expert in military intelligence who is now the dean of mathematics and sciences at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, about the ongoing search for WMD.

Boston, MA – Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has announced plans to expand the hours of the 33 one-stop Career Centers in the Commonwealth in an effort to lower the state's unemployment rate. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Ontario, Canada – A ruling in an Ontario Appeals court this week declared Canada's current definition of marriage invalid and ruled Canada's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Within hours two men married and other same-sex couples were seeking licenses. In Vermont, where civil unions are legal, activists are pleased, but don't anticipate any changes in the U-S. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Albany, NY – A media campaign is underway urging people to get tested for H.I.V.. Free tests will be available in the Albany area June 21-27. WAMC's Brian Shields reports that several people who are H.I.V.-positive are urging others to take advantage of the free tests.

Boston, MA – Massachusetts abortion rights advocates are pushing legislation to make it easier for women who have been raped or who have had unprotected sex to get access to emergency contraception pills. The future of the bill, being filed for the first time at the Statehouse, is uncertain. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Albany, NY – There has been a dramatic rise nationally in cholestoral and heart disease in children. A New York assemblyman is proposing a new to tax on junk food, video games and tv commercials to pay for a childhood obesity prevention program. But some politicians and business groups say New York doesn't need more taxes. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Albany, NY – A new report says the well-being of children showed an overall improvement in the U.S. during the 1990's with a number of states in the northeast among the best places for children to live. WAMC's Brian Shields has more.

North Adams, MA – The soaring cost of prescription drugs is once again the focus of attention in the Bay State. The administration of Governor Mitt Romney is looking at how a 10-year-old federal law, aimed at helping low-income individuals receive deep discounts on medications, might help serve some of the Commonwealth's uninsured residents. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Albany, NY – An effort is underway in New York to get doctors and patients to not rely so much on anti-biotics. WAMC's Senior Correspondent, Brian Shields reports that a website is at the center of the campaign called "Save Anti-Biotic Strength - New York".

Hanover, NH – A study of Vermont and New Hampshire adolescents by the Dartmouth Medical School found that children who watch movies where actors smoke a lot are about three times more likely to take up the habit. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Burlington, VT – Vermont will be welcoming dozens of Somali Bantu refugees over the next year. Some residents of the Burlington area, where most of the refugees are expected to live, are concerned whether the region has the resources it needs to help the refugees adapt. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Albany, NY – The medical malpractice debate will be renewed this week in Albany when hundreds of obstetricians and gynecologists from across the state come to the the state capital to lobby lawmakers for liability reform. The doctors say too many O.B.G.Y.N.'s are being forced to end their practices because of high malpractice insurance rates. Brian Shields reports.

Albany, NY – As state leaders in New York debate the Rockefeller Drug laws, there is an ongoing effort by those in favor of reform to establish more alternative programs for drug users. WAMC's Senior Correspondent Brian Shields reports on a single mother from Albany who recently completed one such program.

Plattsburgh, NY – Air Force officials say the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base may be one of five locations nationwide that could have low-level radioactive waste buried in the ground. Local officials believe that IF there is any remaining waste, it's of little significance. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

North Adams, MA – A Suffolk Superior Court judge ruled ealrier this week a MAssachusetts tax on non-Medicare, non-Medicaid drug purchases was illegally implemented. The decision will result in an 18 Million dollar refund to all of the states' drug-stores. Berrkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Lake Placid, NY – Next weekend, the fourth Annual Lake placid Film forum kicks off next week. It's a chance for movie buffs to not only see films, but also meet and interact with actors, producers and writers about movie making. North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has a preview.

Springfield, MA – Recent on-air appeals from local public television outlets call for additional viewer support to ensure continued services from these outlets. How big is the peril facing public broadcasting? And is their fiscal situation different now than in years past? Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana takes a look at the problem.

Albany, NY – Under a new law in New York, there are restrictions and regulations on some of the wooden play structures found in playgrounds and parks across the state. Concern about the structures was raised last summer when a study found that, in some cases, the wood had been treated with toxic chemicals. As WAMC's Senior Correspondent Brian Shields reports, the city of Albany is moving ahead with a plan to replace all of its wooden play structures.

Boston, MA – The Legislature's Joint Committee on State Administration is poised to reject the Article 87 re-organization plans of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The committee will recommend both chambers of the Legislature vote down the plan...evidence, the administration says, of the Legislature's unwillingness to adopt meaningful reform. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Burlington, VT – Vermont Governor James Douglas signed a substance abuse initiative into law this morning. The nearly 8-million dollar plan will provide additional resources to fight drug problems in the state. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Lake Placid, NY – The public and Democratic leaders form across New York State gathered at the Lake Placid Olympic Center Saturday to listen to Presidential candidates espouse their policies and face questions in seven categories impacting rural Americans. North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley was in Lake Placid.

North Adams, MA – The Massachusetts Family Economic Self-Sufficiency project of the Boston-Based Women's Union has released a new report aimed at highlighting how much Massachusetts families need to earn in order to meet living costs without needing state or federal assistance. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Great Barrington, MA – The non-profit housing and homeless service agency, Construct Incorporated, will hold a fund-raising gala this weekend with proceeds to benefit the organization and Southern Berkshire families. A highlight of the evening will be the introduction of the agency's newly planned housing complex designed for low and moderate income households. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana has this preview.

Plattsburgh, NY – The controversial president of SUNY Plattsburgh Horace Judson resigned at the end of the just-finished semester. An interim president will be on campus in June while the college seeks a new leader. The Plattsburgh State Presidential Search Committee met with community members last night to find out what they want in a new campus leader. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Boston, MA – A survey released Wednesday shows a majority of Massachusetts residents rate the quality of life in the Bay State as good or excellent. At the same time, three-quarters of respondents see the cost of living as a major problem in their lives and nearly a quarter say they'd leave the state should the opportunity arise. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana sends this report.

Albany, NY – In an effort to reduce underage drinking, representatives of the beverage industry and members of the state legislature have reached agreement on a plan to set up a system to register beer kegs. WAMC's Brian Shields has more.

South Burlington, VT – Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean's presidential campaign staff has moved to a larger space. The candidate and his staff showed off their new facility during an open house Tuesday evening. North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley spoke with campaign staff, volunteers and the candidate.

Albany, NY – There are literally millions of old tires littered across New York along roadsides, in landfills and in vacant lots. Some of those old tires will be given new life as North America's largest tire recycling company is coming to upstate NY. WAMC's Brian Shields has more.

Plattsburgh, NY – This past Sunday was the first time liquor store were open in New York since Prohibition. It's a result of last week's move by the state Legislature to override Governor Pataki's veto of a repeal of the state's "blue laws" on liquor sales. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Albany, NY – Some state lawmakers in New York says childhood obesity is a "health crisis". Three public hearings on the problem have been set for next month. WAMC's Brian Shields reports.