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Woodstock Film Festival presents New York premiere of "A Stage of Twilight" starring Karen Allen


The film "A Stage of Twilight" is having its New York premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival on Friday, September 30th. In this final chapter of their marriage, Barry’s wife Cora, played by Karen Allen, struggles with his impending death and the decisions he makes about his final months.

Their end-of-life struggle is intensified when Joey, a neighbor boy who is a surrogate son to the childless couple, reaches a critical junction in his own future. An unexpected and heartbreaking twist enhances this deep and beautiful love story that ultimately speaks to the question: whose right is it to make life's inevitable impossible decisions when the impact will be felt by the people we love most?

The film is produced by and stars Karen Allen. Allen is a theatre and film actor and director who has made over 50 films as an actor starting with "Animal House," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Starman" and "Scrooged" and most recently "A Year by the Sea" and "Colewell."

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