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NYS Senator Urges Gov To Include Smaller Venues When Reviving The Arts

The Falcon, Marlboro, NY
Courtesy of The Falcon, Marlboro, NY
The Falcon, Marlboro, NY

A New York state senator from the Hudson Valley wants to ensure smaller stages are part of the governor’s plan to revitalize the state’s arts industry.

Republican state Senator Sue Serino has written a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, urging him not to forget about small- and mid-sized entertainment venues in his New York Arts Revival program, a program he talked about in his State-of-the-State address. Serino, ranking member of the Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation Committee, says she heard a lot about big names, big outdoor venues and state parks, and wants to make sure smaller venues aren’t left behind. She says the revitalization of the arts should not be limited to handpicked locations determined by the state and wants to see New York establish flexible and impartial guidelines that would allow any venue that can operate safely during the pandemic to do so.

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