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East District Democrat Richard Deane Discusses Reelection Campaign For Burlington City Council

Richard Deane
Richard Deane for Burlington City Council/Facebook
Richard Deane

There are four city council seats up for election in Burlington on Town Meeting Day on Tuesday.   The Democrat running in the city’s East District race is incumbent Richard Deane. An architect by trade, he tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley he has deep roots in his community and wants to continue to address key issues facing the city.
“The city is something that really interests me. How it grows. How it changes. And so I think I came to it originally because of you know the changes that are happening in Burlington, the redevelopment that’s happening downtown that was all intriguing to me and I wanted to be part of that. But now I’m running for reelection because I’m wrestling with some of the issues that face Burlington, affordability being one of the largest ones, also trying to address climate change on the local level and then thinking about what we do to make sure that we can both retain people who have decided to make Burlington their home and to make Burlington an attractive place for young professionals and families to come and for older people to stay with us and age in place if they can.”

Burlington East District incumbent Democrat Richard Deane faces Progressive Jack Hanson in the Town Meeting Day vote March 5th. Other interviews with city council candidates from this series are at wamc.org.

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