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South District Independent Paco DeFrancis Discusses Campaign For Burlington City Council

Paco DeFrancis
Photo provided
Paco DeFrancis

Town Meeting Day is coming up soon in Vermont, and a number of candidates are running for the four open seats for the Burlington City Council.  Financial analyst Paco DeFrancis is a native Vermonter who moved to Burlington about three years ago after he graduated from college. The Independent candidate tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley he’s running because he’s seen too many of his peers leave Burlington.
“I’m really running for City Council because I want make Burlington both a more desirable place for young people as well as get more jobs and get more opportunities so that young people don’t have to move to you know major metropolitan areas, so they can create livelihoods and careers right here in Burlington and be able to stay in Vermont.”    

Burlington South District Independent candidate Paco DeFrancis faces progressive Mohamed Jafar and incumbent Democrat Joan Shannon in the Town Meeting Day vote March 5th. Interviews with other city council candidates are at wamc.org.

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