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Independent Kienan Christianson Discusses Campaign For Burlington City Council

Kienan Christianson
Kienan Christianson

The Burlington City Council seats for the Central, North, East and South districts are up for election on Town Meeting Day.  Eleven candidates are running. Three are incumbents.  In the North District, incumbent David Hartnett unexpectedly withdrew last month leaving two independents and one Democrat in the race.  Independent Kienan Christianson has been endorsed by the city’s Progressive Party.  The attorney and community activist says he entered the race because people in the district feel their voices are not being heard. “I was really interested in bringing communities together and bringing our neighbors together because what I really love about living in the New North End is we have such a great community. I really wanted to run to sort of put community first and put people first. You know I’ve spent the last 4 weeks knocking on doors and what I’m consistently hearing is when it comes to the new developments that are coming on line folks sort of feel like they’re being kept in the dark or that their voices aren’t being heard. And you know I really wanted to increase community engagement.”  

Independent Kienan Christianson faces Democrat Franklin Paulino and Independent Ericka Bundy Redic in the race for Burlington’s North District City Council seat.

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