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Central District Democrat Jared Carter Discusses Campaign For Burlington City Council

Jared Carter
Jared Carter

There are four city council seats up for election in Burlington on Town Meeting Day next month.  The Democrat running in the Central City district race is an attorney who leads the Vermont Community Law Center and teaches at the Vermont Law School.  Jared Carter tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that economic justice issues are key to his “Burlington Leads” platform.
“What I see happening in our city is really a tale of two cities and it’s what motivates me to run.  On the one hand I see wonderful vibrancy in the Old North End for example where New Americans are opening businesses and young people are coming in and the arts scene and the food scene is really flourishing.  And so I want to highlight that and grow that to find ways to support people. On the other hand, the tale of two cities, I also see people really struggling in the Old North End. I see New American mothers picking through the recycling bins on recycling day. I have friends of mine who work full time and yet wait in the lines at the food shelf that are getting longer and longer. And I want to spotlight those people and I want to do what we can to lift those people up to make them part of the vibrancy that I think our community can be a beacon of in Burlington.  And so those are really the underlying drivers.”   

Burlington Central District Democrat Jared Carter faces Progressive Perri Freeman and Independent incumbent Jane Knodell in the Town Meeting Day vote March 5th. Interviews with other city council candidates are at wamc.org.

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