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smoke from a landfill fire
Agawam Police Department via Twitter / Agawam Police Dept

      The air quality in the Springfield, Massachusetts area is being monitored as a fire continues to burn at a landfill.

An airbnb homepage
Screen capture by WAMC

    The City Council in Springfield, Massachusetts gave its unanimous approval this week to legislation that regulates short-term housing rentals like those offered through online booking agents.

Anti-biomass rally
Paul Tuthill / WAMC

Environmental activists fear a climate bill in the Massachusetts legislature will breathe new life into a long-proposed biomass power plant in Springfield.

plastic shopping bags in a shopping cart

     It took environmental activists years to get a plastic bag ban on the books in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

Focus Springfield

        A virtual town hall, originating in the largest city in western Massachusetts, discussed resources and responses in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  

    The coronavirus is impacting politics-as-usual in Massachusetts.

An airbnb homepage
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Regulations have been drafted in the largest city in western Massachusetts to govern short-term housing rentals like those offered through online booking agents.

    The largest city in western Massachusetts is making a change in its recycling program. It could have a ripple effect in other municipalities in the region. 

An airbnb homepage
Screen capture by WAMC

  Legislation has been proposed to regulate short-term room rentals in the largest city in western Massachusetts.

  Alarmed by a sharp rise in opioid deaths last year in the third largest city in Massachusetts, officials have taken steps to try to lower the fatality rate.


An initiative by the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts intended to improve turnout for this year’s municipal election has hit a snag.  There is no money to pay for it. 


    Hoping to boost voter turnout in the largest city in western Massachusetts, an election notification law has been adopted. 

     Alarmed by a stunning increase in opioid fatalities last year, officials in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts are trying to come up with strategies to bring down the death rate. 

a water drinking fountain

    A recent report from MassPIRG and Environment Massachusetts gave the state a “D” for its efforts to get lead out of school’s drinking water.    But officials say the Springfield Public Schools deserve a much higher grade. 


    A dangerous consequence of the ongoing opioid epidemic is discarded hypodermic needles littering city streets, playgrounds, and parks.   What was supposed to be a safe route for children to walk to an elementary school in Springfield, Massachusetts was found littered with discarded syringes.


A required public notification about contamination in the drinking water for Springfield, Massachusetts has officials stressing there is no emergency.

Springfield City Hall

      For the first time in many years, the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts has voted to create a new permanent committee.

      The largest city in western Massachusetts is again considering a ban on single use plastic bags by retailers.   This as a growing number of cities and towns in Massachusetts have enacted plastic bag regulations, but movement toward a statewide ban stalled.

Massachusetts lawmakers have decided once again not to enact a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags by retail stores.

skyline of downtown Springfield, Massachusetts
City of Springfield

Environmental activists in western Massachusetts are hailing an announcement from the office of Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.


    Additional taxpayers’ money will be used to cover the costs to operate Springfield’s Union Station in the first year since it reopened. 

Western Mass Politics and Insight

     A key committee of the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts has endorsed spending taxpayers’ dollars on a marketing campaign intended to highlight the city’s assets.


Two new city council committees have been created to look at quality of life issues in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

Jesse Costa/WBUR

The city of Boston has become the latest and by far the largest community in Massachusetts to move toward banning single-use plastic bags in retail stores.


   The city council in Springfield, Massachusetts will have two new members in January after an election Tuesday that saw a very low voter turnout.


Public input is being sought for a climate action plan for the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.  The Springfield Climate Justice Coalition is holding a series of community meetings.


      Opponents of a proposed wood-burning power plant in Springfield, Massachusetts are weighing their options now that the city’s top health official has opted not to hold a site assignment hearing on the project. 


A first time candidate in Springfield’s municipal election has won a rare endorsement from a veteran Massachusetts politician. 

State Rep. Benjamin Swan, dean of the city’s legislative delegation, Wednesday announced his support for Jesse Lederman’s bid to win an at-large seat on the Springfield City Council in the November 3rd election.

" He's a young man. He's energetic, " Swan said of Lederman. " He'll be a very positive addition to the council."