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Food Friday 4/29/22: Beer and brewing

Six men posed around a beer keg, holding glasses of beer. One man has a deck of cards.
Bolles, Harry S.
Men around the beer barrel circa 1910

It's time to celebrate one of Ray Graf's favorite four letter words. We spell it, B - E - E - R, and we have a panel of experts ready to take your questions on beer and brewing. 800-348-2551.

Kevin Mullen represents Rare Form Brewing, located in Troy NY. Since 2014, brewer owned and operated Rare Form has offered classic beer styles, focusing on both tradition and experimentation.

Brett Demler is a co-founder of Bound By Fate brewing. Bound by Fate is a family owned and operated Farm Brewery, located in the historic village of Schuylerville, NY.

John Fischer is a professor of Hospitality and Service Management at the Culinary Institute of America. His experience in the food and drink industry is vast. When host Ray Graf has a mixology, beer of booze question, John is on speed dial.

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