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Norman Ohler writes about Nazi Germany, the CIA, and the dawn of the Psychedelic Age in "Tripped"

Mariner Books

Norman Ohler, the author of the New York Times bestseller "Blitzed" (Mariner Books 2018), returns with a provocative new history of drugs and postwar America, examining the untold story of how Nazi experiments into psychedelics covertly influenced CIA research and secretly shaped the War on Drugs. The new book is: "Tripped: Nazi Germany, the CIA, and the Dawn of the Psychedelic Age." (Mariner Books 2024)

Revealing the close relationship and hidden connections between the Nazis and the early days of drugs in America, Ohler shares how this secret history held back therapeutic research of psychedelic drugs for decades and eventually became part of the foundation of America’s War on Drugs. Norman Ohler is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.

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