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Any Questions #586: "C-B-S or T-B-S"

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Last week's challenge
Start with the name PRINCESS PEACH. Change one letter to an A and you can rearrange the result to spell a six-letter word and a seven-letter word that both name green foods. What are the words?
Answer: If you change an E to an A, you can spell SPINACH and CAPERS.

On-air questions: OK, Mike, we are currently in day two of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament proper, with games having returned to MVP Arena for the first time since 2003. Back in those dark ages, the games were carried by CBS, with the network jumping from close game to close game throughout the early rounds. Now, the tournament airs over four networks and you can see every bucket if you have enough screens. In honor of the tournament, our show today highlights CBS and TBS, two of those networks. Every correct answer tonight includes those three letters in that order.

1. First name shared by an author known for his short stories and memoirs like “This Boy’s Life,” and a fictional character who married into the Bluth family, joins the Blue Man Group, and never removes his cutoff jean shorts.
2. According to a book featured on RailRoadModeling.com, types of what include “four-wheel bobbers, wooden, steel, bay-window and wide-cupola” ?
3. Marking its 150th birthday in 2018, what product owned by the McIlhenny family and made in Louisiana features flavors like Cayenne Garlic, Scorpion and Chipotle Pepper, in addition to its original recipe?
4. Now led by David Ross, what franchise’s boasts 15 former managers in the Hall of Fame, including Cap Anson, the entire double play combination of Tinker, Evers and Chance, Rogers Hornsby and Frankie Frisch?
5. Revived in 2015, what series that began on the BBC in 1997 features characters such as Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and the Sun Baby?

Extra credit

1. Bought by Bass Pro Shops in 2017, what eponymous company was founded by two brothers in the early 60s when one began advertising his fly fishing supplies for sale by mail?
2. Now on his third head coaching job in the NBA with the Knicks, by what nickname is the former assistant for New York between 1996 and 2004 known?

This week's challenge

Start with the name of a participant in March Madness this year. This team’s name is a homophone of a place 2,800 miles away. What are the words?

On-air questions
1. Tobias (Wolff and Fünke; Tobias Fünke on “Arrested Development”)
2. Caboose
3. Tabasco (According to the company, the original recipe, or red sauce, is available in 195 countries)
4. Cubs (And it seems likely that former manager Joe Maddon, who led Chicago to its first World Series title in 108 years in 2016, will be following their footsteps into Cooperstown)
5. Teletubbies (And the Teletubbies returned with a live action version on Netflix last year featuring Tituss Burgess of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” fame)

Extra credit
1. Cabela’s
2. Thibs (Tom Thibodeau)

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