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Any Questions #580: "'Pro' Bowl Games"

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Last week's challenge
Start with the word NOMINATIONS. Change one letter to a Y and you can rearrange the result to spell the name of an award and a place where an award-winner might live. What are the words??
Answer: If you change an I to a Y, you can spell TONY and MANSION.

On-air questions: OK, Mike. Although the Super Bowl is still about 10 days away, there is NFL football to watch this week — kind of. For the first time, the Pro Bowl this year is being held as a series of skills competitions instead of the annual all-star game known for its high scores and half-speed defense. In honor of the Pro Bowl Games, all of today’s correct answers start with “pro.”

1. Academic title shared by popular culture figures Plum, Higgins, and X.
2. Founded in 1837 when an English candlemaker and an Irish soap maker married sisters, what company today is the parent of brands such as Pampers, Bounce, Gillette, Old Spice, and Scope, to name just a very few?
3. A 2017 book by political reporter Dave Weigel discusses artists like Genesis, Yes, The Moody Blues and more. What two words are missing from the following title? “The Show That Never Ends: The Rise And Fall Of…”
4. The only state capital that works for tonight’s show, what city was settled in 1636, was the nation’s ninth-most populous city at the time of the first census in 1790, but today is the country’s 135th-biggest city?
5. Eventually nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and other Academy Awards, what 2020 film stars Carey Mulligan as a 30-something med school dropout who seeks retribution?

Extra credit
1. Adapted into the forthcoming Christopher Nolan film “Oppenheimer,” a 2005 biography of the father of the atomic bomb is titled “American” what figure from Greek mythology?
2. What lasted from Jan. 17, 1920 to Dec. 5, 1933, when Utah delivered a decisive vote?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase PRO BOWL SELECTIONS. Drop one letter and you can rearrange the rest to spell the name of a village associated with sports and a name associated with a different sport in the same state. What are the words?

On-air questions
1. Professor (From Clue, Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, and X-Men; among the actors to portray Professor X are Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy)
2. Proctor and Gamble (According to the company’s website, VapoRub dates to 1894, when a pharmacist created “an externally-applied salve that releases cough-soothing vapors when heated by the body” to treat his infant son.
3. Prog rock (Weigel notes at one point Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman ordered takeout curry during a concert to eat during the long stretches when he wasn’t playing)
4. Providence, R.I. (According to RoadsideAmerica.com, the city is home to the world’s largest bug on the roof of Big Blue Bug Solutions, long known as New England Pest Control — a termite made of steel and fiberglass that is 58 feet long and two tons in weight)
5. “Promising Young Woman” won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for writer-director Emerald Fennell

Extra credit
1. Prometheus
2. Prohibition (on the night Prohibition ended, the New York Times reported on a celebration with “quiet restraint,” noting “the sparkle had gone out of speakeasies turned legal.”)