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Any Questions #574: "Christmas Break"

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase SOCCER MATCH. Rearrange the letters to spell two things you might add to a cup of coffee. What are they?
Answer: CREAM and SCOTCH.

On-air questions: OK, Mike, we’re about two weeks out from Christmas now. And for many non-radio people, students especially, that means we’re approaching Christmas break. Whether your plans involve egg nog or travel, or none of the above, today’s show takes Christmas Break literally. Each correct answer will start with C and end with S.

1. With a physical location to this day at 84 Beacon Street in Boston, what TV show that ran for 11 seasons included episodes called “Chambers vs. Maloney” and “Severe Crane Damage” ?
2. What first name much in the news in 2022 hadn’t been used in its current role since 1685?
3. In which 2019 film with a 20 percent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes will you find characters named Socrates and Plato?
4. Established in 1974, what North American sports franchise that won its only championship in 2018 is currently coached by Peter Laviolette?
5. What is missing on the following list of cities by population? 1. _____, 2. Maracaibo, 3. Valencia?

Extra credit
1. Active from 1950 to 1975, what record label included artists like John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, and Bo Diddley?
2. Although its most famous sister city is Genoa, Italy, what American city also counts Seville and Accra among its sister cities?

This week's challenge
Think of a name associated with the Christmas holiday that is also closely associated with a different winter holiday. What is it?

On-air questions
1. Cheers (The series finale aired in 1993 and was a three-part episode called “One For The Road”)
2. Charles (King Charles III is the first King Charles of England since the restoration, and is the oldest person to take the throne at age 73)
3. “Cats” (“Cats” is based on the 1981 musical that is based on T.S. Eliot’s 1939 poetry collection)
4. Capitals (Laviolette played only 12 games in the NHL but has led three teams to the Stanley Cup, the fourth coach to do so)
5. Caracas (Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, and its full name is Santiago de Leon de Caracas)

Extra credit
1. Chess
2. Columbus, Ohio