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Any Questions #551: "F-L-A-G Day"

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Last week's challenge
Start with the name of a recently deceased member of the groups we’ve discussed today. Rearrange the letters in his name you can spell two subjects taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. What are they?
Answer: If you start with CHARLIE WATTS, you can spell WAR and ATHLETICS.

On-air questions: OK, Ian: this past Tuesday, June 14, was Flag Day. The observance commemorates the adoption of the U.S. flag on that date in 1777. Flag Day is not an official federal holiday, though Pennsylvania has observed it as a state holiday since 1937 and New York designates observation of Flag Day as the second Sunday in June. Tonight we’ll observe Flag Day with a game of Categories. I’ll give you a category and you name things in that category that being with each of the letters F, L, A, and G.

1. Elements on the periodic table
2. Parts of an automobile
3. Birds found in the U.S.
4. Geographical parts of team names in the four major North American sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL)
5. Countries whose flag has a red stripe

Extra credit
1. Words in titles of songs by the Beatles that hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
2. Films that lost the Academy Award for Best Picture since 2016

This week's challenge

Start with the phrase AMERICAN FLAG. Change one letter to a W and you can spell the names of two countries on different continents. What are they?


On-air questions
1. Fermium, flerovium, fluorine, francium / Lanthanum, lawrencium, lead, lithium, livermorium, lutetium / Actinium, aluminum, americium, antimony, argon, arsenic, astatine / Gadolinium, gallium, germanium, gold
2. Fender, fuel gauge / Lights, logo / Accelerator, airbag, alternator, antenna, axle / Gasket, gas pedal, gear shift, grille
3. Falcon, finch, flamingo / Lark, loon / Albatross / Goose, grackle, grebe, grouse, gull
4. Florida / Las Vegas, Los Angeles / Anaheim, Atlanta, Arizona / Golden State, Green Bay
5. France / Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg / Afghanistan, Andorra, Angola, Armenia / Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Guinea

Extra credit
1. Feel, fine / Lane, let, long, love, loves / A, all, and / Get, goodbye
2. Fences, Ford v Ferrari / La La Land, Lady Bird, Licorice Pizza, Lion, Little Women / A Star is Born / Get Out

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