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Flood damage to Vermont's agriculture sector severe

Flooded corn field
Vermont Agency of Agriculture
Flooded corn field

Substantial crop damage has occurred on farms across Vermont as a result of this week’s flooding.

The July flood comes in the middle of the growing season and after a May freeze damaged early plantings. Vermont Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts says losses will be catastrophic for farmers, small businesses and agriculture producers and he expects some farm closures.

“A number of our farms of course are at risk. Some of them have been through this once before through Irene. Now they’ve gone through this. Do they want to do it again? Some of them may say this is not for me. Our job I think at the agency is to stand up support for them, offer them guidance. I think it’s a critical time now where we’ve got to really focus on doing what we can to support all those in agriculture during a once in a lifetime event.”

Tebbetts cautions that the disruptions in agriculture caused by flooding may disrupt the regional food system.

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