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Vermont is dealing with catastrophic flooding

Onlookers check out a flooded road in Chester, Vermont.
Onlookers check out a flooded road in Chester, Vermont.

Vermont residents are dealing with extreme flooding in the aftermath of a slow-moving, powerful storm that dumped more than two months’ worth of rain in two days. So far, more than 100 people across the state have been rescued from flooded cars and homes.

Despite the rain stopping, the state is not out of the woods yet. In the capital city Montpelier, citizens are worried that the Winooski River, which flows through the city, may breach its dam. City officials said on Tuesday that they had not seen any significant changes in the water levels at the dam, but would continue to monitor it.

President Joe Biden, attending the annual NATO summit in Lithuania, declared an emergency for Vermont and authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help coordinate disaster relief efforts and provide assistance

The slow-moving storm reached New England after hitting parts of New York and Connecticut on Sunday. Some communities received between 7 and 9 inches of rain by Monday night.

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