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#SpitzerComeback - A Run For NYC Comptroller


Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is re-entering the political arena, officially launching a campaign for New York City Comptroller.  

Eliot Spitzer resigned as governor in 2007 after only about a year in office amid the revelation that he had been among the clients of an interstate prostitution ring under investigation by federal authorities. He made a return to public life as a news commentator, appearing on CNN, Current TV, and WAMC. Now he says it's time to move back into politics, telling WCBS New York “The happiest years of my life professionally were as attorney general, as governor, as a prosecutor and I’d like to go back to public service.”

Former Governor David Paterson, who rose from Lieutenant Governor to succeed Spitzer upon his resignation, is regarded as an expert on New York City politics. Speaking to Curtis Sliwa this morning on WNYM 970 AM New York, he explained the importance of the position of comptroller, and how it has come to regarded as a possible stepping-stone to becoming mayor.

As comptroller, Spitzer would perform duties similar to those he had as state Attorney General, where he earned the reputation as the “Sheriff of Wall Street.”

William Husson is a mass media and pop culture expert who lectures in the communication department at the University at Albany - he believes there is more of a willingness today among voters to allow for a person to reenter the political arena. Husson notes that marital infidelity seems to be the most common thing we're seeing politicians being allowed to pay the price for, repent, then come back.

Spitzer admits he and his family made a difficult decision to return to politics. Spitzer needs to collect at least 3,750 signatures from Democratic voters to petition his way onto the ballot. If he succeeds, Spitzer will join former congressman Anthony Weiner, who also resigned after a scandal and is now running for mayor, on the campaign trail.

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