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Soldier On Receives $3 Million To Help At-Risk Veterans in Berkshire County

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An organization working to support veterans throughout the region has received nearly $13 million in grant renewals along with additional funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs.Soldier On has been awarded $3 million over three years specifically for Berkshire County veterans. CEO Jack Downing says 90 percent of the county’s at-risk Vietnam veterans have incomes at or below 30 percent of the median income and are living 40 miles away from full-service VA medical centers in Albany and Northampton.

“We can help stabilize the situation the veteran is living in so that we can move forward then dealing with the issues that may have them caught in this somewhat difficult position,” said Downing.

Soldier On reaches 3,500 homeless and at-risk veterans and their families in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Mississippi.

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