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SUNY New Paltz, UNICEF To Bring Disaster Mental Health Training To Puerto Rico

Courtesy of SUNY New Paltz
SUNY New Paltz students helping in Puerto Rico

UNICEF and SUNY New Paltz are partnering to train mental health professionals in Puerto Rico.

In response to the earthquakes that struck Puerto Rico in January, as well as the effects of Hurricane Maria, UNICEF USA is partnering with SUNY New Paltz to provide training for psychologists, social workers and professional counselors within Puerto Rico’s Department of Education to address trauma from natural disasters in classrooms across the island. They will train more than 1,700 mental health professionals. SUNY New Paltz Institute for Disaster Mental Health Director Dr. Amy Nitza says the goal with the trainings is to ensure children in all schools have access to educators who understand how the impact of natural disasters impacts children’s ability to learn.

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