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Congressman Chimes In About Colleague's Gubernatorial Aspirations

Courtesy of Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

Congressmen Chris Gibson and Sean Patrick Maloney have worked across the aisle on a number of issues. Earlier this month, Gibson, a Republican, formed a committee to explore a run for New York governor in 2018. Now Maloney, a Democrat, is weighing in on his colleague’s potential run.

Gibson decided not to seek a fourth term, instead turning his attention to the possible gubernatorial run, a move that Maloney criticizes.

“No, I don’t think Chris Gibson should run for governor. He has every right to do so but, I think his ideas, which adopt a lot of the Washington Republican ideas like the Ryan budget that would slash Medicaid and other things we depend on in New York just don’t make sense for our state,” says Maloney. “And I support Governor Cuomo and I think Chris should do something else, but that’s just one guy’s opinion.”

Gibson says he’s considering a run to confront corruption in the legislature, among other issues.

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