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Food Friday

Whet your palate on Food Friday from 2-3 PM,  as a wide variety of experts from around the region will answer questions about food, drink, and how to throw the best gatherings around.

Food Friday will focus on topics like seasonal veggies, quick and easy recipes, the homegrown movement, creating the perfect cheeseboard, juicing, mixology, and so much more. Supplemented by an interactive website, listeners and online viewers will also be able to get our weekly recipes, restaurant updates, restaurant week postings and reviews, and share their tips with others.

Jeremy Noble via Wikimedia Commons

  Before you grab those picnic baskets and head out to dine al fresco, we have some experts in the studio who will give you great pointers on what to bring and what to serve at your next picnic. 

How do you take your coffee or tea? Flavio Lichtenthal of the No. Six Depot in West Stockbridge and at Tanglewood joins us for Food Friday, along with Kevin Borowsky of The Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa and Troy, New York.

Food Friday Recipe : Specialty Coffee Drinks

Aug 8, 2014

Hear Flavio Lichtenthal of the No. Six Depot on Food Friday!

Take a shot of espresso, and put it in a cocktail shaker over ice with a little simple syrup. Shake the heck out of it for 30 seconds. Then pour it out and you'll have an icy purist's espresso with a nice frothy head on it. This is a classic Italian recipe, but one can also add a bit of flavor to it with ginger, cardamom or lemon.

Food Friday Recipe : Cold Brew

Aug 8, 2014
Cold brew
No. Six Depot

Hear Flavio Lichtenthal of the No. Six Depot on Food Friday!

Cold brew coffee is like compost. Give it time and it just happens. Almost…

First, off what's the big cold brew fuss all about?

Fred Benenson/Flickr

Before there were supermarkets and restaurants, human beings had to forage in the wild for food. But even with the modern conveniences we have today, foraging is still happening. We have two expert foragers in the studio with us today, author Dina Falconi and Jim Gop of The Meat Market and Fire Roasted Catering in Great Barrington.

Food Friday Recipe: Wild Green Pesto

Jul 31, 2014

Tune in to this week's Food Friday to hear cookbook author Dina Falconi talk about foraging!

It's Alan's birthday! To celebrate, we're putting him in the studio during today's Food Friday, and making him enjoy some delicious birthday cake. We'll be trying four different cakes, and hearing from some very special guests. 

Chef Bruce Mattel of The Culinary Institute of America and Dennis Erlich of Pesca & Co. in Great Barrington join Ray in the studio for a discussion of seafood, and the role it plays in modern American cuisine.

Wikimedia Commons

Char is most often farm-raised and resembles salmon or Steel Head trout. Other salmon and trout species are easily substituted in this recipe however, the cooking times will vary based on the thickness of the filets and/or portions.

This recipe calls for keeping the skin on the fish, as Char has a thin, delicate skin. Other salmon varieties, such as farm-raised Atlantic salmon, may be tastier if the skin is removed prior to cooking. The skin and dark flesh on most salmon varieties may be a bit strong in fish flavor for some palates.

Food Friday Recipe: New England Clam Chowder

Jul 18, 2014
Wikimedia Commons

  The Culinary Institute of America’s rich, creamy version of the American classic. Paired with a salad and bread, it becomes a hearty meal.


Mazzone Hospitality

Our region boasts some of the finest chefs in the country. And we want to get to know as many of them as possible here on Food Friday. Today we are on with Chef Jaime Ortiz of Mazzone Hospitality—the culinary whiz behind popular establishments like the Glen Sanders Mansion in Schenectady, The Lodge in Saratoga, and 677 Prime in Albany.


Ted Russin of the Culinary Institute of America joins Ray in the studio to talk about the emerging field of culinary science, from molecular gastronomy to the science of food systems.

Summer is berry-picking season. Red and juicy, blue and plump, sweet and sour, berries are delicious—and we’re going to talk about picking and preserving them today with Dale-Ila Riggs of The Berry Patch in Stephentown, New York, and Diane Whitten of the Saratoga County Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Each week for Food Friday, we go to a different part of the WAMC listening area to find the best spots to grab a bite. 

In New York's Dutchess County
From the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Food Friday Recipe: Berry Shortcake

Jun 19, 2014
Priscilla Martel via Wikimedia Commons

Dale-Ila Riggs and Don Miles are the owners of The Berry Patch in Stephentown, New York. Dale-Ila is president of the New York State Berry Growers Association. She can be heard on Food Friday!

Food Friday Tips: Strawberry Picking

Jun 18, 2014

  Dale-Ila Riggs is owner of The Berry Patch in Stephentown, New York, and is president of the New York State Berry Growers Association. She can be heard on Food Friday!

For the best flavor, pick fully ripe fruit.  A strawberry with a white tip may turn red after picking but it will not get sweeter.

Miss Sydney's

Summer is upon us, and it's time to fire up the grill. We're joined today on the Vox Pop by grilling expert Jeremy Stanton of The Meat Market in Great Barrington and marinade expert AJ Jayapal of Miss Sydney's Secret Family Recipes.

Miss Sydney's

  Hear Chef AJ Jayapal, owner of Miss Sydney's Secret Family Recipes, on Food Friday!


By Mackmyra Svensk Whisky via Wikimedia Commons

We talk a lot about food here on Food Friday, but today we turn our attention to beverages. We are going to learn all about the fascinating process of distilling and spirits. We are joined today by John Curtain and Matthew Jager, the founders of the Albany Distilling Company, as well as Alejandro De Peral, founder of the Nine Pin Ciderworks, a craft cidery in Albany.

Andrew Malone via Flickr

Are you planning a wedding or other major celebration in the near future? Sick of the boring old steak, chicken or fish options that you get to eat at such events? We have two guests in the studio today who can offer a more fun, offbeat perspective on food fit for large, formal gatherings. Brandon Snooks of The Wandering Dago food truck is here, as well as Kim Klopstock of Lily and the Rose in Saratoga Springs. 

Happy Food Friday! The studio today is very fragrant. We’re getting a whiff of the sometimes smoky, sometimes stinky smell of cheese! 

Tune into Food Friday this week, when Diane Whitten of the Saratoga County Cornell Cooperative Extension will join us to talk about growing your own food, and cooking with what you find at farmers markets. This recipe is from her cookbook, Farmers' Market Favorite Recipes.


2 pounds tomatoes (about 3 cups)

1 large onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 pound ground beef (optional)

Thinking of growing some veggies in your garden? Want to know how to cook with what you grow and what you find at the farmers’ market? You’re in luck. We have some folks who can answer your questions. 

Tune into Food Friday this week, when Diane Whitten of the Saratoga County Cornell Cooperative Extension will join us to talk about growing your own food, and cooking with what you find at farmers markets. This recipe is from her cookbook, Farmers' Market Favorite Recipes.


½ cup buttermilk

1½ cups packed brown sugar

1 egg

2/3 cup oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

2½  cups flour

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

Happy Food Friday folks! Spring has sprung, maybe? It’s time for the spring harvest—berries, rhubarb, asparagus and more! 

Food Friday Recipe: Summer Fruit Johnnycake

May 1, 2014
Rhubarb Johnnycake
Black-Eyed Suzie's

Tune into Food Friday this week, when Cheryl Paff, owner of Black-Eyed Suzie's traveling food stand in the Hudson Valley, will join us for a discussion of the spring harvest. 

This recipe is adaptable to whatever fruit you find at the farmers’ market and it’s made with Wild Hive Farm’s wonderful corn flour which is also gluten free.


Food Friday Recipe: Chef Ewald's Spaetzle

Apr 28, 2014

From Maassman's Restaurant at Blackhead Mountain Lodge & Country Club and featured on Food Friday.

By Aschuff via Wikimedia Commons

  We’re half-way to Oktoberfest, so we’re breaking out the schnitzel and beer with two experts on the food and drink of Germany: George DiPiero of Druthers Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs, and Ed Maassmann of Blackhead Mountain Lodge and Country Club in Round Top, New York.

blu_pineappl3 via Flickr

Holidays are about food, and weekends are about brunch right? We have two very special guests on the show today to talk about serving delicious brunch. Chef Brian Alberg of The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts is here, and so is Chef Dale Miller of Master Chef Consulting

Food Friday Recipe: Braised Lila's Lamb

Apr 18, 2014
Braised lamb
ppacificvancouver via Flickr

Tune in to Food Friday this week, when Chef Brian Alberg of The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, will join us in the studio to talk about Easter brunch!