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Composer Evan Mack Discusses New Album "The Travelled Road"

Album artwork for "The Travelled Road"

Composer Evan Mack is a Senior Teaching Professor at Skidmore College and joins us to discuss the release of his new recording titled “The Travelled Road,” recorded at Zankel Music Center in Saratoga Springs and featuring Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Megan Marino, pianist John Arida and cellist Jameson Platte.

Each selection features lyrics from noteworthy figures in history, including “A Little More Perfect,” Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion on Obergefell v. Hodges; “Three Reflections of Sister Dorothy,” written by Sr. Dorothy Stang, a nun from Ohio who was murdered by hire in the Brazilian Amazon while working to help poor farmers and save the rainforest; “Preach Sister, Preach,” celebrating the words of iconic women; “The Secret Ocean,” poems by Mark Jarman which deal with the passage of time; and “The Road and the End,” Carl Sandburg’s famous 1916 poem.

The new CD is “The Travelled Road.”

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