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WAM Theatre Presents "Lady Randy"

Artwork for WAM Theatre's Lady Randy

WAM Theatre’s World Premiere of Anne Undeland’s "Lady Randy" is now up and running.

"Lady Randy" is a romp through the life of Jennie Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill. In 1875, the American heiress, Jerome, seemed to have have it all. She had married an English lord, she was young, rich and beautiful, and she had just given birth to Winston Churchill.

The play takes us on a dizzying ride through the treacherous, kaleidoscopic sexual and political landscape of her marriage. A woman ahead of her time, Jennie kept everyone watching, kept them guessing, and she never, ever surrendered.

To tell us more we welcome actress/playwright Anne Undeland, director Jim Frangione, and actor Mark Zeisler.

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