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Maple Avenue Middle School
Jesse King / WAMC

In one Saratoga Springs classroom, an ancient art is meeting new media. WAMC’s Jesse King reports on poetry and podcasting at Maple Avenue Middle School.

There are more than 300,000 podcasts online and available for download right now. That’s a rich library of on-demand audio content at your fingertips. But how do you get it? On your phone or computer? What is a subscription? Does it effect my cellular data? We have two podcasting “experts” in the studio today, our very own Patrick Garrett and Ashleigh Kinsey of the WAMC Podcast Team are here to answer your questions about podcasts.

WAMC Podcasts

Jun 20, 2016

  On-demand isn't all there is - but it is important. We're making sure that WAMC is on track in providing our radio content - and more - to you when and where you choose. 

Patrick Garrett and Ashleigh Kinsey join us to tell us more about WAMC Podcasts - which you can find on iTunes, Stitcher , and the Google Play store.