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Arbor Hill

A once-thriving community newspaper in Albany is launching a mixed media revival.

Chief Eric Hawkins listened as he faced a parade of neighbors and activists. Some applauded his efforts, others demanded more accountability.
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Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins got an earful Monday night during a meeting with about 50 area neighbors at the Arbor Hill Community Center. It was the first of three meetings organizers hope will provide the community with a platform for systemic change. 

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Albany government and business leaders announced Round 3 of the City’s Small Business Façade Improvement Program today.

More than 9,000 people have watched Patrick Robinson's video.  "To add more insult to injury, they took the rims down. On both courts. Took the rims down."

Neighbors in Albany's Arbor Hill were up in arms over the weekend after the city placed a dumpster in the middle of a popular basketball court.

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A Rochester developer is seeking an $8 million tax break for its plan to rehabilitate dozens of blighted homes in Albany’s Arbor Hill neighborhood.