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  • Today we welcome internationally bestselling historian Garrett Graff. His new book, UFO, tells the story of how UFO’s entered the national consciousness in the 1940’s and the history of the covert, decades-long search by scientists, the U.S. military, and the CIA for proof of alien life. Ray Graf hosts.
  • Today, we welcome back SUNY physics professor Dr. Kevin Knuth. Recently, Dr. Knuth travelled to the west coast of the U.S to try to study phenomena behind leaked NAVY UFO sightings. The efforts of Dr. Knuth and the team are featured in a new film, "A Tear in the Sky." We'll talk about the team's findings and take your calls.
  • In 2017, news organizations released leaked Navy footage that seemed to show unidentified aircraft performing physics-defying maneuvers. Last year, the…
  • At least 21% of Americans -- over 60 million people -- believe in Bigfoot, nearly half a million people planned a failed attempt to storm area 51 last…