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  • Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker will be the next president of the NCAA, the association announced Thursday, replacing Mark Emmert as the head of the largest college sports governing body in the country.
  • This is, of course, the giving season, something most us mark by scouring the Internet during work hours to find the lowest price on an ever bigger screen TV that won’t arrive until March. It’s the giving season in college football as well. More specifically, this is the time of the year when especially big time college football programs tell their struggling head coach that they’re done at the end of the season, and then they give them some exorbitant buyout balloon payment to no longer coach the team.
  • Let’s begin with a story. A long time ago, there was an All-Star game that was going to be held in Atlanta Georgia. But back then, Georgia’s legislators were proposing some laws that would probably make it harder for Black Georgians to vote. So some companies got together and decided it was going to be hard to do business in a state that didn’t treat some of its citizens as well as others.
  • Coaches at all levels, in most all sports, have a considerable amount of influence over their athletes. That’s obviously much of the criticism of abusive behaviors of some coaches, as the athletes are often limited in their perceived ability to resist.
  • College sports is filled with acronyms. There’s the NCAA itself. There’s conferences, like the ACC and SEC. There’s things like the APR – that’s Division…
  • Filip Lindberg had 25 saves, Aaron Bohlinger scored his first career goal, and Massachusetts beat St. Cloud State 5-0 on Saturday night to win the…
  • There are two things on the horizon that will change the landscape of American sports forever. The first is sports gambling. As states legalize and…
  • Last week, California governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that will potentially allow college athletes to earn money based on their name and likeness.As…
  • Texas has always fancied itself as something of its own country, and every now and then someone starts a drive to secede. But if you’re looking for the…