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51% #1744: For the Difficult Holiday

Keli Rugenstein

For all its tidings of comfort and joy, the holiday season is a difficult time for some. On this week's 51%, we take a look at some ways to combat loneliness this time of year, and therapist Keli Rugenstein shares how parents of estranged adult children can find peace. And what about those awkward questions at family gatherings? Corporate trainer, author, and emotional intelligence expert Carolyn Stern gives us some tips on how to artfully dodge (or confront), "When are you getting married?" at the dinner table.


Guests: Kate Wells, LCSW at HPA/Livewell; Winell Soures, clinical director of Capital Counseling; Keli Rugenstein, LCSW and LMFT at Eastern Door, co-director of Parents of Estranged Adult Kids, and author of Relationsnip: Is There Life After Your Adult Child Rejects You?; Carolyn Stern, business professor at Capilano University, corporate trainer, and author of The Emotionally Strong Leader 

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If you or someone you love is in crisis, the national Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available at "988." Crisis Text Line can connect you with a volunteer crisis counselor by texting "HOME" to "741741" or at their website.

51% is a national production of WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, New York. It's produced and hosted by Jesse King. Our associate producer is Jody Cowan, our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock, and our theme is "Lolita" by the Albany-based artist Girl Blue. 

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Jesse King is the host of WAMC's national program on women's issues, "51%," and the station's bureau chief in the Hudson Valley. She has also produced episodes of the WAMC podcast "A New York Minute In History."
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