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Skywatch Lecture Series: Curiosity on Mars: Roving the Red Planet

    The Dudley Observatory in Schenectady has a great program coming up next week at the Proctors GE Theater as part of their Skywatch Lecture Series.

Just this past summer the rover, Curiosity, landed on Mars. That project has ties to this region. Dr. Laurie Leshin of RPI is an integral part of the project and she'll present an insider's view of the mission and share some of the exciting results to date at 7:30pm on Tuesday 1/22 at the Proctors GE Theater.

Dr. Laurie Leshin, is currently the Dean of the School of Science at RPI and will present "Curiosity on Mars: Roving the Red Planet." Dr. Leshin was a senior executive at NASA and is currently a member of instrument teams for the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover mission.

Dr. Laurie Leshin joins us along with Janie Schwab, Executive Director Dudley Observatory.

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