County Nursing Home Impasse Continues

Jul 9, 2013

Daniel P. McCoy is Albany County's fourth County Executive.

The Albany County Executive has been on a mission to privatize the 250-bed Albany County Nursing Home, while county legislators have been heading in the opposite direction, trying to keep the facility not-for-profit and under county control.  

On Monday, the Albany County Legislature voted to authorize McCoy to retain a law firm to assist in formation of a local development corporation to manage the facility. McCoy says he cannot legally do that.

McCoy says the Colonie nursing home is a money pit and he believes the best idea involves handing the reigns to a for-profit entity as a way to keep the facility operating. He hasn't had much luck trying to sell legislators on the idea.  

Legislators also voted Monday to transfer 2.4 million dollars to keep the nursing home afloat through the end of August. McCoy is frustrated. McCoy, an Army combat veteran, said it was easier fighting in Iraq than dealing with 39 legislators. McCoy says those legislators don't seem to follow any rules, resulting in a breakdown in government: he would like see the legislature investigated, possibly by Governor Andrew Cuomo's newly appointed Moreland Act Commission on government ethics.

The fate of the Albany County Nursing Home remains undecided.