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Albany County Nursing Home Future In Doubt

By Dave Lucas


Albany, NY – The future of the Albany County Nursing Home continues to be cloaked in uncertainty. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has an update.

Albany County Executive Mike Breslin wants to apply for a state Healthcare Efficiency and Affordability Law or "Heal New York" Phase 20 grant. A resolution Breslin needed from county legislators to apply for some $15 million to be used in the planning of long-term care of the elderly, including the fate of the nursing home, was sent to committee without a vote or even discussion.

Shawn Morse is the Deputy Majority Leader of the Albany County Legislature... he says the grant's biggest component is to help defray some of the cost of downsizing nursing homes, something he doesn't favor. The County Executive needs the legislature's support to meet the application's August 25 deadline. Continued conflict between the two over the nursing home caused the county to lose the grant last year. Breslin argues that people prefer long term care alternatives like assisted-living facilities. He points to a diminshing demand for Nursing homes across the country, and says there's plenty of beds available locally, for those who need them.

The legislature has the last word: lawmakers must decide whether to allow Breslin's application to be filed. The majority of legislators cling to the belief that a new state-of-the-art nursing home should be built. All indicators point to another impasse, another lost opportunity to get HEAL money for Albany County.