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Food Friday 6/28/24: Ice Cream with Megan Kitsock and Katie Camarro

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The hot weather is back. Let's break out the ice cream. Today we welcome Katie Camarro of Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce and Megan Kitsock of Supreme Soft Serve. 800-348-2551 is the number to call. Ray Graf hosts.

Supreme Soft Serve owner Megan Kitsock has been an ice cream enthusiast for nearly two decades. Megan has dedicated her life to bringing joy through the magic of super luxurious soft serve ice cream. Using locally and ethically sourced ingredients, she creates luxury soft serve ice cream flavors and toppings, which are completely customizable, and guarantee a supreme experience. Supreme Soft Serve caters weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, graduation parties, and more!

Katie Camarro and Jeff Shinaman have been spreading the love of hot fudge sauce for 23 years. Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce brand is based on Jeff’s Mom’s cherished family recipe that was transformed into a nationwide product for the masses. The real sugar, butter, chocolate, cocoa, and cream dessert topping is appreciated by chocolate lovers across the country. Camarro, the Sweet Chief still handcrafts each and every jar in her own commercial kitchen in Wilton NY.

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